E-Book: Digital Consultation in Aesthetic Medicine

Digital consultation is a new concept in the aesthetic industry, which refers to:

💻 An integrated solution that includes a comprehensive and efficient patient management system

📱 An innovative image processing solution

E-Book: Digital Consultation in Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine takes a great leap forward with Digital Consultation, the next step in your practice.

What they say

NextMotion Consult is the perfect patient management platform, and as Dr. Eithne Brenner, educate your patients by showing them all their treatments and results by directly sharing your web service on display in your office.

Dr. Eithne Brenner

Dublin, Ireland

Being a Scientific Director of Advanced Course Training for fillers, Dr. Nabila Azib always seek the top notch quality in technology. Thanks to the NextMotion solution, she frequently shares great content. From perfect Before/After photos, to impressive 3D anatomy, her procedures are shown in the best light!

Dr. Nabila Azib

Rabat, Morocco

Patient's satisfaction is the first priority of all aesthetics professionals, and Dr. Nasser Madi represents this perfectly. With NextMotion Consult, all of his patients have access to their data through their own portals, bringing patients services to a completely new level !

Dr. Nasser Madi

Geneva, Switzerland

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